Prevent the financial toxicity of cancer

ROAS Provides Authorization contracts  for the single case,  multiple cases, periods of time, vacation coverage, sudden absence coverage and always available for added staff support.



Radiation Oncology Authorization Service is expert in achieving payment for radiation therapy from insurance companies. ROAS provides Authorization contracts for the single case, multiple cases, periods of time, vacation coverage, sudden absence coverage and always available for added staff support. ROAS teaches authorization process seminars, and staff development either via web or in person.

ROAS correlates all information from the provider, the facility, the patient and the individual insurance company policies to provide the proper level of authorization approval and therefore payment to our clients from the insurance industry. In addition if the treatment is complete we can research the possibility of retro authorization and payment. Radiation Oncology Authorization Service is here to guide and assist in protecting healthcare providers and patients from the financial toxicity of cancer.

ROAS Understands

  • Radiation therapy

  • National Comprehensive Cancer Network guidelines

  • American Society for Radiation Oncology guidelines

  • The needs of cancer patients

  • The importance of time from diagnosis to treatment

ROAS Proficiently Interprets and Updates Our Clients About the Insurance Industries

  • Medical necessity policies

  • Treatment bulletins

  • Medical necessity criteria

  • Pre-Determinations, voluntary & required

  • Medical necessity review

  • Advanced Benefits Determination

  • Authorization procedures

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What ROAS Offers

Medical Necessity Review

Reviewing submitted medical records and comparing to individual insurance policy for criteria-fulfillment. If further services used on same patient treatment this sum will be applied to the next level of service billing.

Voluntary & Required Pre-Determination

Pertinent medical records and individual medical policy criteria information presented to insurer for approval that said patient meets criteria and therefore should be covered by insurance,  provided coverage is active. 

Case Management Treatment Notification

Not an authorization, but is required by some insurers who utilize third party oversight. Pertinent medical records presented to case management for approval of procedures.


‍Presentation to insurer or designated review company of medical records, physics, dosimetry as needed for authorization of radiation therapies.

Denial Review if Authorization by ROAS 

Presentation of authorization information, authorization paperwork, treatment records, medical policy bulletins and billed denial to the payor source for reversal of denial and coverage of claim.

Denial appeal if authorization was not obtained by ROAS and no authorization was required.

Presentation of medical records, ASTRO/NCCN guidelines, treatment records, and billed denial to reverse claims denial by payor source.

Retro Authorization and Appeal

Submission request for post treatment authorization and payment.


Office and facility seminars. Covering proper authorization process. ROAS will teach onsite at provider/facility offices or through webinars.

About ROAS

CEO Molly Daugherty RN BS has an extensive professional history of being an advocate for the patient and health care providers in their interactions with insurance companies.  Insurance companies have complex rules, policies and criteria for radiation treatment and their authorization processes. Let ROAS assist in pursuing the scope of insurance needs for you, the provider of cancer treatment healthcare and your patient.


3 easy steps to ensure a  proper authorization or appeals process.

Step 1

Complete the Fee Schedule / Contract and submit.

Step 2

Complete case submission.

Step 3

 Fax the medical records.

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